Carmel High School hockey teams win state championships

  • CIC-COM-0405-Hockey 1
    The Icehounds gold team is, back row, from left, coach Mike Christe, coach Brad Minnick, Banks Burkart, Jacob Hughes, Bob Fritsch, Reece Morris, Vince Grasso, Spencer Anderson, coach Dan Desmond, coach Tyler Douthitt, middle row, Will Carlson, Kaleb Boyl, Will Patton, Danny Popowics, Trevor Anderson, Jack Donnelly, front row, Andrew Lapel, Garrett Hendrick, Jack Knipscheer, Tanner Plotkowski, Danny Anderson, Joe Stebbins, Spencer Lyon and Will Schlagenhauf. (Photo by Mark Evrard)
  • CIC-COM-0405-Hockey 2
    The Icehounds blue team is, back row from left, Ali Sinnett, Derek Berry, Andrew Callas, Jack O'Hara, Teddy Munn, Ben Youkilis, Trent Franklin, Justin Carlton, Jerod Cheslock, middle row, coach Mike Christy Isaac Tromizak, Griffin Thomas, Ryan Cole, Brian Schnelzer, Henry Harkins, Like McDonald, Robbie Ballone, Evan Melangton, Jackson Kemple, and front row, John Schlagenhauf and Ben Lurie. (Photo by Mark Evrard)

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