Carmel Drive, Range Line Road intersection to close Aug. 15 for roundabout construction

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  • Fawn Lewis

    sending detoured traffic down Main Street. WHICH is already heavily congested WITH 2 round a bouts in that congestion!!! I am so sick of everyone building the retail boutiques with restaurants and 3 to 4 stories of apartments above them. At least make them affordable!! all the new apartments are renting for 1200-2000 for at ONE BEDROOM!!! My family of 4 would cost approx $3000 a month in rent. with the EXTREMELY high young adult drug abuse rate and kids being bored getting into trouble, why not build things they can utilize to have fun and possibly stay out of some of the trouble they have. And build more family HOMES!!

    • RKW50

      No no no no, that is not what our Mayor wants. He wants density, with everyone living on top of each other. He wants only small lawns, so the developer friends can build the maximum number of homes per acre, or apartments/condos right on top of each other. They view it as a waste, akin to a crime, to build a single family home with an acre lot.

      • M Paul (opinions r mine alone)

        Brainless believes in man made global warming and drives a Prius, face it he’s a democrat

  • M Paul (opinions r mine alone)

    Brainless has once again lost his mind