Carmel council approves $8M bond for mixed-use Proscenium project

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  • Larry Verrill

    What a deal……I hear the CRC also has a bridge for sale in New York City……I wonder how much trouble it is for a city to change it’s name?? Scamville comes to mind.

  • Bob

    Adam-two points of clarification. First, CC-12-07-15-02 in the paperless packet online from the 12/7 Council Meeting, specifically excludes the parcel that the Arby’s is currently situated on. You may want to ask the A-B principals how they intend to deal with that. Second, also in the paperless packet (page 101) in para. 3.05 the project agreement SPECIFICALLY states that A-B WILL NOT be responsible for the bond payment if the TIF values are not reached. You might want to ask the mayor (when he gets back from Germany-after he went to India) who will be responsible if TIF is not reached.

  • Kevin McLinn

    One observation: It’s a shame this layout does not somehow embrace the beautiful Kawachinagano Japanese Garden immediately to the northwest (upper right corner of the plan). It strikes me as a missed opportunity.

  • Larry Verrill

    According to the line that I am assuming outlines the 6.5 acre property layout above, Arby’s is not included in said property, but is shown as part of the development. Does the city or Birkla have to buy this property or the CRC or who. Arby’s is not addressed anywhere in the article.