Carmel considers raising utility rates

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  • Denise Gilbey Moe

    I love Carmel’s rates. Coming from Avon…just our sewer (not water, trash, storm, anything else), was a flat $45 per household, whether you were 1 person living in 900 square feet or a family of 7 living in 8000.

    • RKW50

      I understand that Denise. Daughter in Avon, son in Noblesville, and they agree with you. However, Carmel will catch up, just give them a year or two. The fees will be called something else, to hide the increases for the press, but they will catch up.

  • Rick Smith

    Carmel’s rates are still not too high so lets cover our debt problem with a 10% utility increase.

    Ironic that so much has changed in just a few months.

    One thing is certain. The mayor is NOT responsible.

  • Craig

    Will there be a rate reduction or rebate in dry years when water usage increases? Isn’t the rating on bonds already sold irrelevant, or is there a new bond offering in the works?

  • RKW50

    Lets add this up. First, this new sewer and drainage bill that was added to our water bill. Now, raising the utility bills. Next, in his state of the city address, says our property taxes will go up. (he stated for a $200,000 house. Not many of those in city of Carmel). Pretty soon, all these new fees (really, taxes) will add up to some serious money! When are we going to be hit for a new High School to take care of all the apartments being built?