Carmel considers ordinance to approve new 3-way liquor permits

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  • Bob

    What, exactly, are the ‘right’ areas? I have to agree with Rick. Is it the city’s or any government’s responsibility to choose winners and losers? Isn’t that what voters at least nationally are saying, they are tired of the same old political games? Why is it any different at the local level?
    How, exactly, if it is NOT a free market now will it be any more free with the mayor and 3-4 bobble-headed councilors choosing who is the ‘right’ business/’right’ owner/’right’ themed restaurant? How is this remotely fair to a small locally owned business that purchased a higher priced license already? My gut tells me the ‘choice’ will be driven by donations or given to Carmel’s ole standby Pedcor and subsidiaries, much like the recent decision to place the city funds in a Pedcor-owned/controlled bank who just exited Federal Oversight due to breaking Federal banking regulations; or new bicycle storage requirements when a councilor is connected to a bicycle rack manufacturer? Is that how the ‘free market’ works in Carmel? Maybe the inference is one has to pay to be in the market–hence it is not free.
    The mayor is quoted as saying, “We have a system where it’s not a free-market system in Indiana. Distribution is approved and controlled by the state,” yet somehow it is different when distribution is approved and controlled by the city? At least with the state the decision(s) are made by people who are qualified and/or work in the field everyday.

  • RKW50

    Bob, you bring up many of the questions I myself had. I also question, if Carmel denied a license to someone who happens to purchase a 3 way, if that would hold up in court down the road. After all, it is the state’s final decision. BTW, I am totally in the dark about the bicycle parking ordinance I see them discussing. In my day (and I still ride my bike), one of the advantages of riding a bike, is you could park it ANYwhere!

  • Look at what the criteria are for winning “approval” from the Mayor. I have been contacted by more than one small business owner who told me they would not have been able to open under the proposed rules. The Mayor can “sharply” disagree all he wants. He has already demonstrated the value of his word with the tax and rate increases he has made. My god even Jeff Worrell of all people is trying to distance himself from that bomb!