Carmel Clay Schools to seek referendum in 2017

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  • schalliol

    Can’t we do better than this? I assume it will pass with it not going up, but since great schools lift value for all homeowners (not just those with kids), can’t we afford a few more bucks? We have great teachers who deserve to be compensated as such, and we also can give kids more opportunities with the funding.

    • Oldguyy

      First, why use the word “we”? These are the government’s schools, not ours. Second, there is no evidence whatever that they are “great”. The children warehoused in Carmel’s government schools perform relatively well academically compared with other government schools (but not with private schools) due to genetics, in all likelihood. Third, higher funding for government schools does not correlate with better academic performance; in fact, there is an inverse relationship in terms of correlation. So there is no evidence whatsoever that throwing more taxpayer money at the government schools gives kids more opportunities. If you really want to give kids more opportunities, support school choice for all.

      • Eric Morris