Carmel Clay Republican Party to hold candidate forum

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  • Denise Gilbey Moe

    We are also having our Lincoln Day dinner in Carmel, next Wednesday, April 13th at the Ritz Charles.

  • Gary Smith

    Leaked phone records indicate Ted Cruz used DC Madam to hire prostitutes; the corrupt SCOTUS just decided that further information regarding the case should not be made available to the public. Cruz is all about protecting HIS privacy but continually votes to support the Patriot Act so the government can invade ours! Cruz also blatantly cheats in the elections. He insists that big money donations are free speech and is completely beholden to exploiters like the Koch brothers, Goldman Sachs, Robert Mercer, etc. He is a free-trading, war-mongering, privacy-invading, exploiter-funded puppet who won’t secure our southern border, support fair trade, stop policing the world, respect our privacy, stop corporations from undermining our democracy, or anything else the exploiters don’t want him to.

    Cruz is the typical snake politician. It is a shame that people are so easily fooled into supporting all the slick-talking, two-faced lawyers in DC (Clinton, Obama, Cruz, SCOTUS, etc.) selling out our country to the parasitic exploiters.