Carmel Clay Public Library to present ‘ISIS is not Islam’

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  • Anjasha Freed

    The Ahmadiyya sect of Islam represent 1% of all Muslims. They revere a later prophet than Mohammed which makes them heretics in the view of mainstream Muslims.

    Although the Ahmadiyya are peaceful people, mainstream Islam is not. Islamic law is overarching. Sharia impacts all Muslims and non-Muslims in Islamic societies, and systematically discriminates against women, non-Muslims, children, gay people, artists, musicians and many others.

  • Ilpalazzo

    This is a false premise. It’s like saying a human group isn’t the ideology itself. No duh. But ISIS IS following the same path the creator of Islam took.

    Plus, like the other commenter said, the Ahmadiyyas aren’t even regarded as muslims by 99% of the Muslim world, but as heretics and apostates because they believe a guy named Ahmad was the new messiah and already.. brought.. peace to earth…? Even tho… he obviously didn’t….