City council votes down proposal to reappropriate $5 million in 2015 budget 

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7 Responses

  1. 123SNL456 says:

    Per Sue: “This is nothing more than if I had a business and I projected my
    revenue at a certain amount and it ended up being 20 percent less, then I
    would adjust my expenses to match my revenue,” Finkam said. “This not
    somehow ‘hidden.’ We are doing this in a public format.”

    Sue it seems to me like you are not adjusting your expenses, but are in fact, raiding you saving account in order to spend beyond what was budgeted…… which is why the State called for the budget to be changed. But apparently you and others who received campaign funds from Jim, decided that it did not matter.

    The next four years should be interesting …… spend ….. spend ….. spend!

    • Sue Finkam says:

      This was a deappropriation, otherwise known as a spending cut. No $ was being moved, or proposed to be moved, from our rainy day/savings account. None.

      • 123SNL456 says:


        Where will the monies come from after the 1st of the year?

        …… and the definition of “is” is…”How do you know a politician is lying?”

        • Sue Finkam says:

          I am disappointed that in a civil conversation, you go to name calling. We have no issues with the new year’s claims. Dollars will remain unspent in general fund that will cover claims until new revenues come in.

          • 123SNL456 says:


            I am disappointed that you rely upon distortions to advance your (and the Mayor’s) agenda. To use scare tactics to try and persuade Council members of principle, to cover up is disingenuous, if not outright dishonest.

          • Sue Finkam says:

            The entire process from initial budget proposal to the recent budget reconciliation is public and open to comment with DLGF oversight. Nothing is done under the cover of darkness. Thank you for your involvement in your local government.

  2. Larry Verrill says:

    This situation should have been ironed out when the new budget was being discussed for approval, but then I have always thought some of the council didn’t know how to add, subtract, multiply or divide and once again the barn door is being closed after the horse has escaped.

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