Carmel City Council to consider requiring bike racks, employee showers at new buildings

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  • Bob

    Hmm. And which councilor is it who also reps bike racks? COI??

    • 123SNL456

      COI – didn’t the council just eliminate. or at least significantly reduce the disclosure process…. Move along, nothing to see here!

  • This will be a positive for business. They will flock here.

    Seriously, as soon as Carmel get’s the tech workers and it’s debt/capita in line with the likes of Boulder at $3,160/capita, Austin at $1287/capita We’ll be off and running.

    Check this little Chart and article out. It shows Carmel as an outlier with over $11,000 debt per capita.

  • Larry Kehoe

    Is it just businesses that are being asked to forfeit their property rights along sidewalks or multi-use paths or all property owners?

    • Eric Morris

      As a frequent biker (and driver), it cracks me up when the Spandex Brigade still insists on clogging the streets despite running alongside a multi-use path taken from those property owners. It is important to maintain an average speed of 15 rather than 14 miles per hour for the ideal workout, drivers at 35 be damned.

  • Eric Morris

    I’m sure Brainard rides his bike to work everyday and takes a cleansing shower; he needs it after all the crony filth he foists on those unlucky enough to be tax slaves to his excesses.

  • 123SNL456

    Amazing that an all REPUBLICAN City Council and Mayor are dictating what businesses must provide showers. Who knew that that was a function of government. What’s next? Require people ride their bike to work 2 days a week!

    • Mark Paul

      These are democrats hiding behind a republican mask and all hand picked by King James to advance his liberal agenda of spending