Carmel City Council to consider banning loud truck brakes, riding on the outside of vehicles

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  • RKW50

    Then if thats not the intent, to ban Ray’s trucks, simply change the wording of the ordinance. My thought is the council will not do this, because somewhere, somehow, its obvious Republic is doing some type of “kickback” to eliminate competition. Next time you want to throw away a lawn chair, sit it next to your Republic container, and see if they pick it up. Ray’s will.

    Reminds me of Coke vs. Pepsi at restaurants.

  • Council President Carter,

    You have an issue with kids on golf carts in West Clay so you make a City-wide ordinance banning ANY RELATED ACTIVITY EXCEPT for Government vehicles?

    Knowing that it would negatively impact even one local employer would be enough for most cities to be at least sensitive to the issue. Seems there has been zero to minimal impact analysis on what this ordinance would do to area businesses.

    This Council is drunk with liquidity and easy money, intoxicated by their own illusion of sweet success. It is so easy to spend free money! Drink it in, what a binge it has been.

    Our only problem is it is our leadership that is intoxicated and the citizens that will suffer the very nasty hangover.

    • Eric Morris

      Amen! And Brainard, take your sinking paws off Home Place you damn dirty ape.

  • Duane Phelps

    The loud brakes you are talking about are used to help a truck slow down so they don’t have to go through their brakes so fast because replacing them is not like replacing car brakes you just can’t go to CarX and get them done for 69.95, and what about government vehicles that use them are they exempt or will you pull them over too?

    It seems to me that Carmel’s City Council doesn’t research anything when they go to make a decision they’ve become Braindead!