Carmel City Council Recap

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  • Mayor Brainard tries to lay this cut on the Council. He needs to man up and acknowledge it was his budget, he owns it and he said it would balance. It didn’t.

    Mr Rider states “both sides are somewhat inaccurate because he remembers the council and Brainard mutually agreeing to cut the streets budget.”

    While this may technically appear true, I question it, the Mayor at the time he cast the deciding vote on the budget stated :

    ” If revenues fail, we’ll take appropriate action. I’ll do it!” Jim Brainard ( 15 second clip attached )

    Seems he is eager to take all the credit but plays the blame game when it doesn’t work out as he stated it would.

    The Councilors who voted for the budget, Finkam, Carter and Rider seem to not want to take responsibility for their own decision and seem to follow the Mayors lead and try to deflect criticism onto others.

  • Larry Verrill

    Sounds to me like City Eng. Kashman just got “double your fun” (work-load) dumped in his lap with no mention of being compensated for the extra work as the main reason for appointing him to be the Storm Water Utility manaeger. I agree he is the best person available inside the existing gov. system, but he should at least be paid to head up this utility over and above his present engineering salary. If the city can afford to pay a million dollars a year for publicity, it can afford to pay something to keep part of it’s ifistructure in working order…………….By the way Mr.Smith your “Finkam, Carter and Rider” sounds like a third to second to first tripple play for the mayor’s team………..