Carmel City Council passes 3-minute time limit for public speakers

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  • Adam, I am certain that is just an oversight but the most important issue was NOT the time limit.

    It was a section of the ordinance that stated speakers who request to address the common Council are required to state their name and address from the podium prior to speaking.

    The Council was very decent and was flexible on the issue of publicly giving the Speakers name and address which was the most important issue in the ordinance.

    The ordinance will save approximately five minutes per meeting and probably less. It will take away the opportunity for an individual citizen to meaningfully discuss complex issues.

    While I’m very much for improving efficiency of the meetings eliminating a potential effective use that is not being abuse seems overkill.

    Flint was efficient, it however was not effective. For want of deliberation unintended consequences often echo for decades.

    • Adam Aasen

      I totally understand but since that was removed without controversy I didn’t delve into it too much due to space. Not in disagreement but since it was removed I decided to focus on your interesting stats