Carmel City Council eliminates trash-opt out for residents

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  • Pricing for large Corporate Transportation companies like Republic offers many advantages and presents some strategic opportunities for the larger carrier to exploit over smaller Local rivals. Look at Republics Website Check out their Investors page give the site a once over.

    I googled reviews of Republic and got this link :

    Now look at the Ray’s website and tell me who has more Local community impact.

    Googled Rays Trash and this is what I found :;si:14948769000315066177

    Looks like we are rushing headlong into mediocrity for City Services.

    If you don’t have a choice it is a tax.

    This is like unionization except the beneficiaries are our City Coffers, Political Cronies and Corporate interests. I have no problems with large corporations I just believe in a level playing field.

  • Why would anyone want to do business with these people. They seem down to earth and I don’t suspect they will be moving their Corporate Offices out of Indiana anytime soon. We need to take care of our Local Business neighbors by allowing them equal opportunity in the playing field.

  • Just received these. Mayor is occupied during Citizen comments on Trash Opt-out. No election for 4 years why pay attention now?

  • RKW50

    Don’t believe the spin from City Council. Just paid my Ray’s QUARTERLY bill. $26.70. Thats for 3 months.

  • RKW50

    Addendum to my below comment. One cannot compare bids from Rays to Republic. Even the council should realize this. Ray’s picks up anything you put out at the curb, including recycling. Republic, if it doesn’t fit in their tub, it doesn’t get picked up. I’m sure there’s a limit with Rays, but all the years I have used them, have never hit that limit.