Carmel City Council bans feeding ducks on city property

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  • Rick Smith

    “It is significant, it is disgusting, and it’s a health hazard” Those are good points.

    Who would have thought that a big pool would attract ducks? People feed ducks? Who could foresee that. Obviously just more bad luck. Can’t expect our leaders to critically analyze the actions they take before they take them. That is unreasonable.

    There are unintended consequences when you make big investments of Tax dollars on nonessential community enhancements. They should be well thought out. Often they are not.

    The Memorial pool is one of those ideas that looks good on paper, makes for great artist renderings of what beauty it will bring and then requires extreme, unexpected maintenance. I do think it is beautiful when it looks nice. That is not generally the situation. The ducks are only the latest expense and one of the lowest in the history of the reflecting pool.

    This is what the Memorial looked like in May 2015. Those darn ducks darn near destroyed the concrete edging. Look what they did to the bottom. Just ducky.

    All digs aside if there are people taking loaves of bread to the ducks that is a problem and needs to be dealt with.

  • RKW50

    They are just protecting their proud investment. Makes sense. Come to think of it…..isn’t that what folks are trying to do when the city builds commercial developments up against residential? People are just trying to protect their investments, but the city ignores them then. The city says its for the “public” good. Hey, I like ducks myself. Gives my Lab something to chase! Sounds to me like the city and their contractor need to test the waterfowl’s DNA so they can trace them, like they want to do with their dog park.