Carmel City Council approves funding for Christkindl market

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  • Eric Morris

    Maybe Ron is confused by the CT and CRC, because the CRC director is the one running for higher office. Thank you, Christine, and Tony, for being willing to take a position that her slight delay was not unreasonable.

  • Bob

    For the life of me I do not understand, in this day and age, how Ron Carter can continue to berate women and NOT be censured! This is not his first time spewing his vitriol at the current Clerk-Treasurer OR the former one. I am especially disappointed that the only other female councilor present and CURRENT GOP county chairwoman Laura Campbell did not say a word–in fact never has another female on the current council including Sue Finkam, publicly rebuked Ron for his diatribes. That disappointment extends to the men who were there; they sat like statues. Only Tony Green offered what was, at best, a lawyerly response in defense. Pathetic is the best word I can come up with.

  • Nederman

    The Mayor is completely out of control. Through a web search I found an article from this e-zine (2013) and during that time from Carmel had accumulated $825 million in debt. The Mayor has his yes men in their respective approval seats and he seems unstoppable. In the last election only 20 per cent of the registered voter base took an interest in who would govern them. One day they are going to wish they had paid attention.