Carmel City Council appoints board members, commissioners

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  • Bill Myrvold

    Would there be any conflict of interest with any of these people?

    • 123SNL456

      Surely not – I mean the fact that Worrell has part ownership interest in a building which benefits from what is done in the A&DD – nope nothing tho see there…move along, GoodDay!

  • Bob

    Well Bill, Berkshire Hathaway donated at least $500 to the mayor this last election cycle. The previous council specifically excluded sitting councilors from being on council and the CRC (sort of the fox watching the henhouse given the $190 million bailout, I suppose) so one would hope that Jeff would have the ethical decency to not be appointed. Dave Bowers is a decent person. No comment around the rest of these appointees. Bottom line, based on the last 2 council meetings, it is going to be ‘all Jim, and what Jim, wants all the time.’ Elections have consequences and I’m afraid the citizens are going to be the ones to suffer those consequences, given another $233 million in borrowing was passed last evening, making the total well north of $1.2 billion in debt (front loaded with interest only until after the NEXT election). So there is that.