Carmel City Attorney on paid administrative leave

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  • Bob

    First, an email was sent announcing Doug’s resignation and then a meeting was held the next morning (technically today Wed. 8/19/2015) between the mayor and others. Suddenly it isn’t a resignation but paid administrative leave. Some gaping/open questions:
    1. Who were “others” at the morning meeting?
    2. Paid for how long?
    3. The original Email was sent by whom?
    I’ve had professional and personal interaction with Doug (both ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ but mainly good) but something just doesn’t sound right. My experience when people say it “isn’t about ‘X'” it more often than not is about ‘X’.
    Any further insight?

    • Adam Aasen

      Mayor Brainard sent the e-mail. I don’t know who was at the meeting. Paid for as long as he’s on leave. He hasn’t resigned. The city could be opened up to a lawsuit if you terminate someone’s employment for certain reasons while on leave. I would guess that — and this is just my guess that Brainard can’t say — that the mayor asked Haney to reconsider and take leave instead of resigning because the assumption is that he will return to his job and Brainard likes Haney as an attorney.
      Even if I was told the real reason, which I couldn’t say if I did or didn’t, there are legal ramifications. Some things can’t be made public not because it’s scandalous but because we have employment laws. For example, if a football coach resigns due to a medical problem or stress, according to HIPPA, the employer could not disclose those reasons. So often we assume the coach is forced to resign due to a losing season or fighting with the administration but the real reason could never be revealed unless the person themselves wants to say. Some things can be personal. I’m not saying this to give any hints or clues about Doug Haney. I’m just saying that we often want to jump to conclusions that might not necessarily be true. You can only report facts and not speculation.

  • Larry Verrill

    Sounds like a stall to me to keep the finance committee meeting from taking place for as long as possible.