Carmel celebrates girls swim team

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    College Wood Elementary student Avery Carlisle and her father, Aaron Carlisle, cheer at the parade.
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    Melanie Lentz of the City of Carmel passes out special edition T-shirts to Carmel High School fans at the parade.
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    Jane Grout, with her pup Bremel, and Jill, Hannah and Bruce Young.
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    Carmel Mayor Youth Council Members Larry Chen, Cynthia Cahya, Grace Zhang, Bharat Gummaltle and Alina Husain pass out free T-shirts and party favors.
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    Hamilton Superior Court Judge Rick Campbell and his wife, Carmel City Councilor Laura Campbell, at the parade.
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    Carmel City Councilor Laura Campbell attends the parade, which included the entire swim team aboard several Carmel Fire Trucks.
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    The streets of Carmel were shut down for the girls swim team parade. Hundreds of loyal fans came to celebrate.
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    Senior swimmers Ashley Swan and Tricia Abbott held the championship trophy on top of a Carmel Fire Truck during the parade.
  • CIC-COM-0301-Swim 30 10
    CHS swim team seniors gather minutes before the proclamation at the parade ceremony.
  • CIC-COM-0301-Swim 30 12
    Carmel City Councilor Ron Carter, with other members of the council and Mayors Office, present the official proclamation for the swim team.

The Carmel High School girls swim team celebrated its 30th consecutive state title with a parade Feb. 20. The win broke a record for the consecutive number of titles won by any high school team in the U.S. (Photos by Amy Pauszek)

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