Carmel attorney leads Indiana Debate Commission

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  • SE Indiana 4 Bernie

    As an active member of the Indiana constituency, I would like to be well informed of the candidates opinion of Bernie Sanders. As well as how each candidate feels about medicinal marijuana. Indiana had two bills to legalize it AND two to further criminalize it in the same session this year. We now know of its many medicinal and economical benefits as well as its ability to lower overdose deaths. With our skyrocketing AIDS epidemic along with heroin and prescription drugs along with the deaths and familial destruction that they come with, legalizing and taxing cannabis would provide much needed funds to our schools and mental health and addiction recovery services to millions of Hoosiers. The federal government took medicinal facilities off the raid list through refunding in the CROMNIBUS last year and Bernie Sanders has submitted legislature to remove Cannabis from the list of scheduled drugs this opening the banking and research industries. What are the candidates positions on this? What about minimum wage at the state level? Our failing education system? We have the ability to be a leader in these areas for our country. An example to the many who are waiting for someone else to go first.