Carmel Arts & Design District businesses offer ideas to improve parking

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  • RKW50

    When you say “I prefer” and “people need to get used to” all it shows, is the politicians don’t have the slightest cue. Having these garages is great for the residents of these buildings and offices. Expecting retail shoppers to drive to that location, park in a garage, and then walk a couple blocks for a sirloin is not so smart. Its hard enough for a business to draw customers. Having parking “way over there” is only one more barrier to overcome. Think its tough now? Wait till the crime starts in those garages.

    • Sigh

      You should move out of Carmel. I have not seen a single thing from your screen name that has been positive. Google your screen name and realize you should spend your life being positive rather than always being negative. Maybe you would actually enjoy life and your family and friends (if you can have some outside of your mom’s basement), would notice a happier you.

      • Thorvington Finglethorpe

        As near as I can tell, he’s spot on: Parking is the biggest problem with that entire “district.”

  • Larry Verrill

    I have not seen one word written about parking for handicapped people. Are they allowed in the “Arts and Design District”??? or are we to old and should stay at home???