Carmel announces arts grants recipients

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  • Rick Smith

    Mr Mayor, you state: “Studies by the Americans for the Arts show typical visitors to an event
    spends close to $30 per person, per event, in addition to the cost of
    admission. Based on tickets sold at the Center for the Performing Arts
    last season, that additional spending is close to $3.5 million at local
    merchants and service providers. That’s real money spent at our local
    restaurants, art galleries and other businesses.”

    Isn’t it ironic that according to the story in the Sunday Indy Star the City has spent just north of $12.25 million on the Performing Arts Center alone just since 2010. That is also real money. That $3.5 million totals $10.5 million for the 3 years the PAC has been operational. That is a “win” the same way Brookshire, Party Time or Shapiros turned into “wins”. NO ONE WON! Everyone lost! Your net effect was the evaporation of nearly $2 million dollars just on this ‘phase’ of the PAC.

    Similarly are most art galleries not closed during the hours before and after most performances?

    It is a fact the lead in to this story as always puts the focus clearly and specifically on the Mayor. “Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard has announced HIS plan on how to distribute
    $681,400 in grants to support the city’s various arts organizations.”

    I’m only surprised we didn’t get the obligatory Brainard Blue Tie photo.