Capitol Connection: State Sen. Delph gains Twitter fame for passionate defense of gay marriage ban

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  • Thankfully

    Nobody on this planet has the right to tell anyone who to love and marry. I pity the lawmakers supporting HJR-3, because they are being cheerleaders for the bigots in Indiana. God has the final judgement in our lives, NOT the religious legislatures who are so misguided in their thinking. May God forgive Mike Delph, and his followers. I will not vote for him again.

    Thankfully….in Carmel

    • Sarah

      Agree with the first eloquent comment…Delph is NOT speaking for his constituents: he’s weighing in with his own beliefs. Not very representative of the people. P.S. Twitter is hardly the forum or place to decide who the majority is…very unprofessional of Mr. Delph.

  • Delph is actually prepared to throw his own brother under the bus in his reactionary and ugly rantings. Federal courts across the nation have handed down a string of victories for proponents of gay marriage, and the majority of Americans now approve of such unions. The 50% mark was reached in 2010; the current percentage of the American population in favor of gay marriage now stands at about 56%, with 7% undecided. What this means is that only about 37% of the American people are definitely opposed to gay marriage. Court cases will soon be decided by the US Courts of Appeals for the Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth Circuits; additional US Circuit Courts will have to entertain appeals as the string of federal district court victories pile up.

    Calling gay people “evil” reveals that the true evil here lies in the hearts of people such as Delph, who also knows absolutely nothing about Roman history (contrary to his beliefs, the Roman Empire did not disintegrate because of acceptance of homosexuality). Delph is calling his own brother “evil” by inclusion, which does not strike the writer as particularly in support of “family values” (this phrase is, of course, is really just code for legislative gay-bashing).

    I am thankful for the fact that the measure in question is unlikely to become law.


  • Catholic Putz

    Passionate defense?? After slandering and degrading his own innocent brother who came to his defense, Delph turns around and voted against HJR3.

    Mike Delph stands for family values ala Lizzie Borden.