Canine companion: Carmel resident raises assistance dogs to help those in need

  • CIC-COVER-0322-Canine Companion 1
    Brett Lemieux has been caring for a black Labrador named Kaya through Canine Companions for Independence since the puppy was three months old. (Photo by Theresa Skutt)
  • CIC-COVER-0322-Canine Companion 3
    Brett Lemieux works with Labrador retrievers at his Carmel home. (Photo by Theresa Skutt)
  • CIC-COVER-0322-Canine Companion 4
    Blake Gipson and Kiwi. (Submitted photo)

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  • Mattmann

    Mr. Lemieux has also scammed hundreds of people out their money from his various sports merchandise companies and has been sued for fraud by the Indiana Attorney General. He shuttered that business and then opened another, AthletesOne, and continued the same practices of taking people’s money and not delivering the purchased merchandise.

  • Sgt. Sleuthy

    How ironic, Lemiuex submitting self-generated PR to the same publishing company (Current) that sued his broke ass. I wouldn’t believe this crook if he said “hi” to me in the hallway.