Candy to return to Carmel’s Fourth of July parade

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  • Walked in that parade over the coursed of 12 years. Never heard of an incident. Inquired of official sources and did not hear of any incident. Close calls are what I call speculation to bolster your highly unpopular decision. since the City contributes the lions share of the money to put on the parade and Carmelfest it is fitting that they step up!

  • Melinda Taber

    There are ways to be safe. In New Orleans our parades have volunteers that walk in front of the floats and bands to make sure the people aren’t standing too close for the throws. Other parts of the route there are police barriers set up that people can’t pass. They could set up a simple rope along the route.

    As a kid I remember the excitement of receiving candy and when in the Carmel parade handing out the candy. I’m glad they have decided to bring it back.