Can you put a price tag on Brookshire?

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  • Rick Smith

    This explains so much about the State of America today. Even in a Republican dominated community only 27% think it should be self supporting and 40% of the population think it should be subsidized by the Government. Anyone else see a disconnect?

  • wabbitsan

    Is this a public course or membership only? I live next to a golf course (and the clubhouse). It used to be owned by a corporation, who sold it (and many other properties in town); since then it has been owned by two or three different parties, and all are losing money on the place. Whoever owns it now doesn’t keep the grounds up properly. Only the greens get daily maintenance, unlike before. I only care because the course borders on my property, and if they close, the pond across the street will become untended, the clubhouse & green next to my house will be untended. That will affect MY property value.