Can you plan a gay wedding in Carmel?

  • CIC-DOUGH-0523- Rascia
    Rascia Johnson displays one of her cakes.

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  • censured1

    This would be a great breaking story to write about directly related regarding local media here in Indy:

  • Kevin McLinn

    Amusing observations regarding this article:
    1. Rascia Johnson, owner of Rascia’s Creative Cakes located in the Carmel Arts & Design District, was judging people when she said, “It’s an honor that they chose for you to be part of their special occasion and it’s not for you to judge people.”
    2. Although the author included the statement, “Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said that he’s proud that there isn’t a problem with discrimination in Carmel, but the ordinance is still necessary in his view,” the author failed to list any of the reasons the ordinance is still necessary.
    3. The author wrote, “Several other Carmel business owners who deal with weddings say they would have no problem serving gay customers.” The author failed to list any Carmel business owners who deal with weddings say they would have problem serving gay customers.
    4. Also, it’s funny that Jennifer Wagner, spokeswoman for Freedom Indiana, a grass-roots group campaigning for LGBT rights, said, […] people can always politely decline those requests. “I guess I never understood why people have to be so nasty,” she said. “There’s no need to use your religious beliefs to make a group of people feel discriminated against. That’s not what a business owner should do.” I assume Jennifer meant declining business owners should not act like the grass-roots groups campaigning for LGBT rights who were nasty in the way they treated the owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, IN, instead of courteously accepting their religious convictions and asking another pizzeria about wedding catering.