Calls for 4CDC transparency won’t go away

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  • “Those who defend the nonprofit – including Mayor Jim Brainard – say this
    is nothing but creating a non-story for an upcoming election.”

    Really, didn’t this happen just after the last election. Isn’t there enough evidence of malfeasance to demonstrate why we need transparency. Watch Mr. Basiles entire discussion and tell me this is created as an election non-story.

    Mr Basile ‘I took the payoff of Libman as a condition of our receiving the CRC money.’

  • Jeff Swensson

    Once again, “The Current” debases the excellence of our community and the outstanding individuals who reside in it by resorting to character assassination and calumny. As this picayune written example illustrates, bullies in charge of publications resorting to pernicious innuendo produce nothing less than the antithesis of excellence, quality, and high standards. Shame on “The Current.”

  • Alan Harrison

    There is no story here. This is another example of editorial innuendo substituting for actual news. “Whitewater,” “Birthers,” “Swiftboat,” and this. Wastes of space, all.

    Here’s the thing: lies told loudly and often are still lies, and this publication’s continued meanderings on an ancient topic about which no one cares serves nobody. I echo Jeff Swensson’s sentiment below regarding cavalier character assassination and ask that The Current look to writing about actual news rather than perpetrating malicious, ill-informed, irrelevant gossip and passing it off as news..