Bowling alley and theater center planned for Hamilton Crossing space in Carmel

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  • Maura Skiba

    Why can’t businesses like this come to Westfield instead of Carmel? It would give our youth a place to go. And the movie theater on 146th and Greyhound needs a good cleaning, maybe if they had a little competition.

  • Bill Myrvold

    I am wondering why Carmel has allowed Rickers to build a gas station at 146th St. and Gray Road. I thought that this was denied some time ago. Why do we need three Rickers within a short driving distance between them. There is already one at Carey Road and 146th plus another just down the road at 146th and River Road. Something doesn’t smell right about this.

  • Premium

    Stupid idea and location. See: Latitude 360 in Clearwater.