Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre celebrates 100 years with gala

  • IMG_4626
    Supporters of the Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre gathered at the author and dramatist’s former home in Indianapolis to celebrate the theatre’s 100 birthday (Photos by Sam Robinson)
  • IMG_4643
    Gala attendees previewed memorabilia, articles and artifacts from the theatre’s 100 years of service.
  • IMG_4672
    Alyssa Boge, a volunteer curator for the Civic Theatre, shows a patron some of the memorabilia from the theatre’s past.
  • IMG_4703
    Robina Zink, left, hugs fellow actor Jacob Shilling, who a sang a number from the theatre’s rendition of “Alice in Wonderland”
  • IMG_4726
    Chairman of the Civic Theatre board of trustees, Connie Horwitz, spoke after receiving an award to recognize her service to the theatre.
  • IMG_4735
    Brent Marty, director of music and education (left), plays the piano for the Junior Civic actors as they sing a song from “Alice in Wonderland.”
  • IMG_4745
    Park Tudor student Nick Gehring performed a song from “Oklahoma!” which plays at the Civic Theatre July 23-26.
  • IMG_4755
    Tobin Strader, left, and Katie Schuman performed a song from “Spamalot.”

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