Back in the Day: Carmel Theater

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  • Larry Verrill

    A little history. In 1949 I graduated from high school in the State of Maine. (I can’t spell any better now then I could then) In1982 I was living in Orchard Park when the owner of the theatre donated the building and land to the city to turn into a small park for the cities residents. Where is that park today?? In a developer’s pocket??? Keep the faith, mayor.

    • Gary T

      If you’re correct (which I assume you are) was the agreement for the city to keep the park in perpetuity? Which developer lined his pockets with the re-development of this land? Is Carmel lacking in city parks?

  • Larry Verrill

    When commented on this story, all I wanted to do was to compare my life with that of the theatre. I’m not sure what “in perpetuity” means and I’m not going to look it up, but I assume it means forever. Regardless, I don’t know what the agreement said, but in the late 1980’s the city did make a small park on the site. All I know is I don’t feel the city had the right to sell it for profit or give it away for redevelopment without the people voting on what should be done.
    I do not know who the developer/builder of that monstrosity on the south side of Main St., east of Range Line Road was, but I have to assume he was sold or given the theatre property by the city. As for the number of parks in Carmel, the city has many more now than there were in 1982 and most are very nice……….Sorry I riled you up so much Gary T.