Author: Mike Redmond

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Opinion: Too soon, candy lobbyists

So there I was, wheeling my cart merrily through the grocery store, whistling while I went on a search for enchilada sauce, when I rounded a turn at the end of an aisle and...

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Opinion: Want vs. need

I’m usually pretty good where that want/need thing is concerned, but lately I’ve been confusing the two because of motorcycles. My rational mind tells me I want a new one. My emotional self says...

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Opinion: Turning it around at 60

One of those milestone birthdays is coming up in a few months and I have already begun compiling a list of how Things Are Going To Be Different Around Here Now That I’m 60....

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Opinion: Go nuts for Amish

My vegetable garden is thriving, thank you, although I can’t take any of the credit. It has done this all on its own without much in the way of input from me, save planting...

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Opinion: The perils of panhandlers

After four encounters in four days I have become really, really resentful of panhandlers. It’s gotten to the point where someone coming up and saying, “Excuse me, sir,” raises my hackles – and if...

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Opinion: The Redmond TV curse

Lightning recently struck my mom’s old farmhouse up in LaGrange County and, according to my brother P.D., exploded just about everything explodable: The TV dish, Mom’s computer, the telephones, you name it. It was...