Author: Julie Osborne

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Column: Risking it all

As I rushed through the Cancun airport, the words jumped out at me and caused me to pause, “Smoking Kills,” the packages screamed. Despite the brilliant marketing (not!), travelers were pulling them off the...

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Column: No cut confusion

I challenge you to find it. That is the official no cut sports policy at Carmel High School. I have scoured the website, studied the student handbook, and searched the freshmen transition guide. This...

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Boston hits home

Commentary by Julie Osborne It was 3:06 p.m. last Monday when the first text came in. It read, “I just heard what happened in Boston. Is Nate ok?” I had not seen the news...

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Walmart variance request denied

Hundreds of people, some of them Carmel residents, packed the Zionsville Town Hall last Tuesday night to hear whether the Board of Zoning Appeals was going to allow a Walmart Superstore to be built...

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Walmart conversation continues

There were a range of emotions in the room when members of the Westons Homeowners Association sat down to meet with Walmart representatives on Dec. 11. Most attendees expressed concern with the proposed store,...

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A Journey of Miracles

Cancer, torn aorta, ER doctor, a horse. Goddard School owners share why they believe in miracles. Blood slowly leaked from his heart, but nothing was going to stop him from finishing the race in honor...