Author: Carl Brizzi

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Column: Thoughts on security

Solving problems regarding White House security breaches and the issues plaguing the Secret Service are valid priorities. As expected, however, officials have blamed the failures on “insufficient funding” and inadequate physical security.  We will soon...

Just another meatless Monday 2

Just another meatless Monday

I am starting to believe that being “governed” means being watched, regulated, controlled and preached at by people who have neither the right nor the wisdom to do so. My concerns are evidenced by...

New law restricts access to criminal records 0

New law restricts access to criminal records

Applicants for jobs no longer have to agonize over whether to be truthful about arrests and minor convictions during an interview under Indiana’s new law. The prior “expungement statute” in Indiana was limited, and...

Fight or flee: The ‘Castle Doctrine’

Fight or flee: The ‘Castle Doctrine’

On Feb. 26, 28-year-old George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin on the sidewalk of Zimmerman’s Florida neighborhood in what he claims was self-defense – Zimmerman has not been charged, but the...