Attracting new businesses to Carmel drives many City Hall decisions

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  • Rick Sharp

    My daughter went to school with Mr. DeVries son and she says he tells her they are building in Bridgewater. An easily forgiven mistake as they are relocating from San Diego. Regardless of whether they live in Carmel or not we are happy that he chose his business home as Carmel.

    • Adam Aasen

      Rick, this is Adam. I BCC’ed you on an email I sent, showing I did attempt to get that Brookshire/Bridgewater mistake corrected prior to publication but it wasn’t fixed. I just want you to know I do check the facts. Thanks!

  • Attracting new businesses to Carmel drives many City Hall decisions – at this point about a million dollars a year worth of decisions.

    May be money well spent, it’s too bad it is but a fraction of what we spend on the Palladium each year.

    It’s place secured in Carmel history as the most expensive Public Building to offer casino and fair music in the USA.

    So far as “Carmel convinced GEICO to open a new service center which will employ up to 1,200 people by 2016” is I suspect this was a romanticization of the process. Do I believe for an instant that the Mayor’s Million Dollar a year promo team made that happen? Of course not! Geiko came here for the Palladium.

    Was it not also previously reported that ASH had only moved here because of the story from USA Today?

  • John Accetturo

    Great but no money for drainage problems that have been around for more than 10 years.

  • Larry Verrill

    WOW, a million dollars worth of brochures, post cards, etc. But MAYOR, you forgot one very important outlet to advertise Carmel….FORTUNE COOKIES. The above article covers only a few large businesses. What about all the small businesses that have been lured to Carmel and then, forgotten about by the city, have gone banktupt or had to move back out because of high rent payments. Restaurants, art galleries, etc. and what about the fall of “Merchants Square” and the businesses on the south side of 116th street opposite of Merchants Square……….Is all of this the definition of Free Enterprise??? I believe too many years in office have inflated your ego beyond being wise and people oriented. Perhaps you should watch the TV series “BOSS”…..I’m sure you could get some great new ideas from it’s content.