Are more statues coming to Carmel?

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  • OnderVrager

    If the Palladium were decorated with black velvet paintings of Star Trek characters, and someone complained about it, would they be called an elitist snob? Those Johnson things are objectively ridiculous.

  • Carmel Observer

    I love public art (when it fits into a budget). I would, however, like mixing up the artists a bit. Pyramid Hill is a wonderful sculpture park in Hamilton, Ohio. We might be able to learn a thing or two from them as we move forward.

    • Bob

      As we might from the Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Downtown Des Moines.
      The scary part to me in the article was the quote from the mayor about wanting the city to control the art. That should send shivers down everyone’s spine regardless of one’s political bent.

      • GeorgeP

        Brainard said “control over UPKEEP.”. This makes sense so that our investments are maintained properly, unlike the streets in Indy….

        • Our ‘investments’, ‘unlike Indy streets’, you are comparing apples to orangutans.
          Do you have your own money invested in ‘art’? If so is that not a personal choice? This is not the best use of the City of Carmel’s limited resources.

  • How dangerously out of touch is Mayor Brainard? When he makes comments like these two you have to wonder.

    1.) “Brainard pointed out that much of the art was previously paid for through projects coming in under budget.”

    When a project comes in under budget how much money/cash does that generate?

    ZERO – the absence of spending creates no cash flow.

    If you borrowed the money for the project it is STILL an obligation and purchasing a different asset may actually hurt your planned return on your initial investment.

    2.) “Art is an asset,” he said. “If we ever were in dire financial straits we could sell that art.”

    Art is an asset but liquidating it is challenging at best. In most economic downturns cities aren’t really looking to add art. Hopefully the art value will exceed the scrap value but even that isn’t guaranteed. If you need to liquidate it is very unlikely you will be receiving full value for any of your assets.

    Buy High, Sell Low? Golf Course, Party Time, Shapiro’s…

  • Art as an investment? The real money is in Parking Garages!

    Nothing tops the 61 Public Parking spaces we paid for in City Center at a cost in excess of $350,000 PER PARKING SPACE*. ($22.5 million City Paid for Garage / 61 public spaces)

    *References and documentation available on request.

  • I think the art adds a lot to the city and am totally in agreement with
    Councilor Snyder’s comment that businesses could and should sponsor the
    various exhibits throughout the city.

    They can have the Naming Rights for just a small investment in art and
    the city will provide them with a magnificent backdrop from which they
    can display their art.