Answering your carousel questions

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  • goodgrape

    I’ve voted for Brainard for the last 3 terms. I even thought Rick Sharp (in the last election) was largely tilting at windmills. However, enough is a enough.

    The mayor has gotten very comfortable with his unchecked, cart blanche plans and spending. See Exhibit 1: Purchase agreement for Carousel, without approval for said carousel. Even the explanation I’ve seen for the hotel with the CRC and Pedcor is dubious. It’s a tired trope by now — hire outside consultant, pay them a lot of money, have them create a justification, go develop with dubious underpinnings on the back of taxpayers, facilitated by a hand-picked city council and then hand the project off to your hand-picked partner without a competitive bid. It’s legal corruption in plain sight.

    Has anybody stopped and asked how Mayor Brainard is going to retire from his meager $120K city government salary? It wouldn’t be beyond the pale to suggest that his comfy, cozy relationship with single vendors like Pedcor could be a little too chummy. Ahem.

    Perhaps even more urgent is the totally unnecessary hotel. I hope the carousel isn’t the give to get that forsakes the $5M, but the $38M slips by for the luxury hotel.

    At some point Mayor Brainard will realize that he works for the people, not the other way around and his spending whims do not a mandate make.

    • Vaporeon

      Well said…. he needs to go…. and he’s planning to run for mayor again 🙁

    • Oldguyy

      And how do you pay for all of this? Your only focus is getting more property tax money, so you tell your minions to approve things like putting 62 crowded, three-story tenements in less than four acres in the middle of a suburban neighborhood southwest of 116th and College.

  • J M

    If the merry-go-round costs “only” $2.25 million U.S. (according to, $2.75 million seems like a heck of a lot for moving, the land, and a building.
    But what does a dumb taxpayer know about gubmint expenditures?

    If folks want to go in circles without getting anywhere, Forest Park in Noblesville has a fine carousel that I’ve never seen used at full ridership.

  • Teri Su Garske

    I’m FOR the Carousel. No real reason why except I think it has a pair of cats.

  • Tim Hannon

    Nice summary Adam!

  • Larry Verrill

    Have any of you filled out Councilwoman Sue Finkam’s questionair on facebook??? Apparently she has her own doubts about these projects. I did this a.m.

  • Brent B

    The real question is whether “Brainardville” or “Brainardopilis” is picked as the new name for the suburb.