Angry Carmel residents inspire action on flooding problem

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  • Jeff Upton

    It’s always lip service with a smile. 3rd ave. floods next to the Palladium and my bet goes on they fix first. Then say “We’re still working on who to -blame- before we work on fixing Emerson rd. A good conversation means nothing without action.

  • Sherry Cole

    Priorities are all wrong in this city, in many ways.

  • Tami Fick Hall

    Now THIS is flooding. This is a drainage problem that is the responsibility of the city. This issue is the complete opposite of the drainage issue of a Crooked Stick homeowner, on private property, caused by his own trees….
    I hope the city can find the funds to do this project for the public good.

  • jess

    I live of the monon, recently received a letter the city is trying to not allow us to build on our back property. I had an engineer out here years ago showing him the flooding along the monon that THE CITY OWNS. They are trying to tell us it’s to keep in habitat friendly? They never did what they said they would do years ago when the put the monon in.

  • Robert E. Waring

    Two years now and NOTHING has been done.