“American Hustle” not a Scorsese film

Andy Ray

Andy Ray

Andy Ray is a local businessman, who has lived in Carmel since 1970. He is also secretary of the Central Time Coalition, a grassroots effort to restore Central Time to all of Indiana. He is a member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church, and enjoys singing in the St. Luke's Chancel Choir. He is an occasional contributor to Current Publishing. You may contact him at andy46032@att.net.

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  • broobbus

    “American Hustle” better than “Casino”? No way, not even close.

  • Donella

    American Hustle is a lesser imitation of Goodfellas and Casino and so the fact that it is heralded as the greatest film ever, is rather bizarre.

    Also bizarre is Jennifer Lawrence’s attempt at a Sharon Stone from Casino interpretation that resembles a temper tantrum-having girl surrounded by grownups in hammy high school play. Sharon Stone roared through Casino like a hurricane and held her space opposite Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci in way that fascinated audiences.

    Christian Bale is just too good a performer and in his scenes with Lawrence, she does not measure up to his skill level and she seemed really over-the-top.

    If that’s what they’re handing out Oscars for these days, OVERacting to compensate for mediocrity (and amateurishness) opposite better performers, then Lawrence has earned her second Oscar. The director is partially to blame for allowing this to happen.

    With the exception of Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner, American Hustle has been greatly overrated and belongs nowhere near The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, or The Departed in terms of story and/or performance.

  • wallace gary

    LOL What a joke. American Hustle is a bad movie. The critics got hustled. This movie is a mess and the Oscars have lost further credibility. This is like a poor man’s Goodfellas, only Goodfellas is a great movie.