Publishing schedule
Current publishes and delivers via the U.S. Postal Service every Tuesday. In the case of a postal holiday on a Monday, Current will be received in homes the Saturday before. That means press times will be earlier for each edition by one day.

Space reservations
Eleven days prior to mail date.

Materials delivery
Eight days prior to mail date.

File format
We accept high-resolution, editable PDFs (1200 / 200) and Creative Suite files. We do not accept Microsoft Publisher documents.

Where to send
All materials are to be sent to with the aforementioned deadlines in mind. We will format your ad and return it to you for proofing.

Ad sizes (no bleeds)

  • Front-page strip: 9.7” x 1.25″”
  • Full page: 9.7” x 10”
  • Three-quarters vertical: 7.2333” x 9.5″
  • Three-quarters horizontal: 9.7” x 7.0833″
  • Half-page vertical: 4.7667” x 9.5”
  • Half-page horizontal: 9.7” x 4.6667”
  • Three-eighths vertical: 4.7667” x 7.0833″
  • Three-eighths horizontal: 7.2333” x 4.6667″
  • Quarter page: 4.7667” x 4,6667”
  • Quarter-page vertical: 2.3” x 9.5”
  • Quarter-page horizontal: 9.7” x 2.25″
  • Eighth-page vertical: 2.3” x 4.6667”
  • Eighth-page horizontal: 4.7667” x 2.25”
  • Sixteenth page: 2.3” x 2.25”

For advertising opportunities, including online, inserts and managed direct mail, please e-mail your specific needs to

Our reach
We deliver to 100 percent of households in the markets we serve by U.S. Mail every Tuesday. Total readership is 340,457 per week in 126,095 households

The breakdown:

  • Current in Carmel – 86,659 readers in 32,096 households
  • Current in Fishers – 79,388 readers in 29,403 households
  • Current in Noblesville – 77,371 readers in 28,656 households
  • Current in Westfield – 36,285 readers in 13,439 households
  • Current in Geist – 30,672 readers in 11,360 households
  • Current in Zionsville – 30,080 readers in 11,141 households

Classified advertising
Have something to sell? Need to fill an employment position? Seeking employment? Try our classified advertising solutions. Call or e-mail our classified advertising sales executive at 317.489.4444 or

Legal advertising
For government entities and vendors acting on behalf of those entities, we have advertising solutions. Call or e-mail our classified advertising sales executive at 317.489.4444 or

Production guidelines

File Size

  • Files should be created at 100% of the ad size
  • PDF’s must have fonts embedded.


  • 300 dpi saved as a TIF or an EPS
  • 72 dpi (images pulled from the web) are NOT acceptable
  • Include all linked images files and embedded images as separate files on your disk.
  • Images should not be rotated in page layout. Rotate in Photoshop prior to placing them.
  • If your file is RGB, convert it to CMYK


  • Adobe InDesign, CS5 or earlier
  • Adobe Photoshop, CS5 or earlier
  • Adobe Illustrator, CS5 or earlier
  • PDF (editable/not flattened)

Please note: Files created and sent in Microsoft Publisher or Corel Draw will not be accepted.

Black-and-white images should be saved as grayscale. Ads should be submitted using CMYK colors, unless a spot color is ordered or the ad is black and white

All fonts, including printer and screen, must be included. If using Illustrator, please also convert your fonts to outlines (paths) in your layout

Accepted media

  • CD
  • PDFs may be emailed (5MB size limit)
  • Vector layouts with out-placed images may be emailed (5MB size limit)

When submitting work, please include agency/artist contact information should technical difficulties arise. If you wish your media be returned, please allow time for processing, the media will be returned as soon as production is complete.

You may submit artwork directly, via e-mail, to and

Please include all pertinent information with your attachments. For example, your sales representative’s name, your phone number, the ad size, specifics we need to know about your ad, etc.

If you have other questions prior to e-mailing the file, please contact your account representative.