A new restaurant is in the works for the former Glass Chimney building in Carmel

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  • Larry Verrill


    • Chris

      Considering it would be a senior citizen housing complex and subject to strict screening rules, I am not sure who would be in the supposed “wrong class of people?” Or, are we now so snooty that people have to pay over $600 a month in rent to be the “right class?”

      • Larry Verrill

        6/9/14….Chris, in order to respond to your comment, I will probably annoy, offend and/or outrage all the people in Carmel and half the people in the country. To them I say get real and get a life. In 2010 I had to sell my home of 40 years in Orchard Park. I moved into a so called “low cost senior apt.” The rent was $600 per month plus electricty, plus water, plus cable TV, plus computer hook-up. I lived there for one year and my rent increased to $700 per month plus all the utilities quoted. Over half the apts. were rented by black people. This was not a problem , just fact. My point is, the low prices quoted for the new senior housing in tthe above article would probably have attracted many low income minorities. Carmel does not want low income or other minorities living there. They will tolorate HIGH income minorities because they have plenty of money to attend, support and donate to the cities’ pet projects and events. Also, they will buy larger homes and pay more taxes. It all boils down to taxes and the C.R.C.’s need for money the mayor wants to spend on his “Super City”