4CDC will not respond to Clerk-Treasurer

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  • Rick Smith

    We have an audit in 2013 that finds significant discrepancies in our Redevelopment Commission in 2012.

    Ron Carter was the head of this commission during this time and now as the head of the Not for Profit beneficiary of taxpayer (it wasn’t a bailout either was it Ron?) largesse of the Redevelopment Commission declines an audit for potential conflicts for the specific period in question?

    How does this happen? At his direction hundreds of millions of dollars were spent and millions wasted. $21 million plus in pre-payment penalties alone. Now on the other side of the fence he refuses to answer questions which might tend to incriminate him.

    Don’t you have to at least plead the 5th to do that? This sounds more like “The Price is Right” than transparency in Government.

    Link to State Board of Accounts Audit:



  • Rick Smith

    As long as the topic is CRC discrepancies and Game Shows – lets take $3,000,000 overruns for a $1000 Alex!


  • Rick Smith

    Why it was important for Clerk Treasurer Cordray to understand the transaction? It’s her J-O-B!


  • Rick Smith

    Mr Carters remarks as to why he is refusing to comply with Clerk Treasurers request for documentation. Sped up for your convenience and to preserve your sanity!


  • Rick Smith

    Lets not lose sight of what brought this request on:

    “The State Board of Accounts’ audit of the CRC’s 2012 books revealed
    several inconsistencies in record keeping and outlined concerns with the
    ways in which TIF monies were allocated and accounted for, specifically
    as they were granted to the Carmel City Center Community Development
    Corporation from the CRC, as those uses could not be verified.

    It also made reference to uncollected funds totaling approximately $800,000.”