Letter: Words matter at all levels



Words matter. They matter to children as they emulate the actions of the adults in their lives. They matter in school as teachers work to help students resolve conflicts peacefully. They matter in life as we communicate our thoughts and ideas to others.

Let’s work as the awesome Carmel community we are to have critical conversations among our family and friends about posting items on social media that get our point across without an overtone of offensive language. Let’s hold our elected officials and their staffs accountable to speak words that inform and inspire rather than espouse divisiveness and violence. Let’s do a better job of using words wisely when they become part of the public dialogue.

Let’s make sure we all vote in every election to select local, state and national political leaders who truly value their role in shaping the direction we take as a nation and who represent our voice in government – a direction founded upon our unalienable rights outlined in our nation’s Declaration of Independence of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Shelley Carey, Carmel


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