Opinion: Putin and the hybrid war


Commentary by Alex Morozov, Carmel resident and business owner

The world has changed dramatically in the last few years. After the Russian occupation of Crimea, a bloody war in Eastern Ukraine with Russian back-up separatist, wars in Georgia and Syria, Russia’s close ties with Iran and terrorist organizations, the world is finally getting to see who Mr. Putin truly is.

There is a growing list of accusations and additional evidences tracing back to Putin regime. Relations between the US and Russia deserve special attention. Putin lives in a parallel reality where he considers Russia a superpower. In the last 17 years, since Putin took power, his propaganda/TV channels have brainwashed the majority of Russians creating image of the US as an enemy. He has been supporting Iran, Syria, and North Korea, providing weapons and military technologies to US enemies. Finally, tempering with US elections, attempts to corrupt US top officials (General Flynn, just the tip of the iceberg), daily military provocations (Russian nuclear bombers over the coast of Alaska just recently) have demonstrated the true face of the Putin regime. Russia is desperate for a war. Even a small war (like in Ukraine) allows Putin to consolidate all power and shift people’s attention from internal problems to a great archenemy – the USA.

Today, in the US, the former USSR community is split in two camps: Putin worshipers and people who loves the US and consider it home. Separation started many years ago, but the Ukrainian war was a last drop. This separation is clear today more than ever and it is a great concern that here, in US we have a population of people who are constantly watching Russian propaganda, fake news, and becoming brainwashed. The favorite topic of those programs  is a Russian superiority and humiliation of US. Those people are living among us in our neighborhoods, but have a very different set of values than a typical American citizens. They worship Putin and are happy to follow his directions. Those people are secret Putin weapons – part of his hybrid war, soldiers of Putin and his regime.

Our country has allowed those people to come and settle here, and in many cases sponsored and help them. Putin supporters enjoy the US lifestyle, safety, using all benefits of our system but in the same time adoring Putin and his regime. Something is very wrong with this picture. Supporting the Putin regime in the USA today it is like supporting Hezbollah in Israel. Cheering on Hezbollah or wearing Hezbollah T-shirts would not be welcome on Tel-Aviv streets. So why is Putin propaganda allowed in the US? The only way to win this hybrid war is to stop Putin propaganda in US. It is a time to act and work together, stand as one nation under the God.


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