Turn signal ordinance not about safety



Carmelites, are you going to stand by and let your council vote in ordinance D-2356-17, the turn signal use in roundabouts? This proposal is egregious greedy government overreach wishing to charge $100 for non-compliance. Are you not concerned about this preposterous plan making war on drivers who do not or cannot use their turn signals within roundabouts whose sizes and shapes are unequal?

Does Carmel need money that badly to inflict a regulation on residents and non-residents who will be driving into, within and throughout Carmel’s roundabouts to capture more revenue for its coffers?

This ordinance was designed to: “promote public safety and prevent traffic accidents by regulating the use of turn signals in roundabouts.” I say it won’t work and safety is not the real issue here.

As you drive through the roundabouts, envision the use of turn signals at each turn and try doing it. If you are driving straight on, it won’t work. If you are in a small roundabout, you will be out of it before flicking on your turn signal. A good example is the roundabout under US 31 and 136th Street, which is a maze. Good defensive driving is needed here, not turn signals.

If you believe this is a bad ordinance, contact your council representative and tell them to vote no on this mainly money-making venture.

Mari Briggs, Westfield