Residents deserve the right to choose



I remain puzzled at the fact that the City of Carmel will not let residents choose their own trash collector. My family has used Ray’s over the years and has been totally satisfied with their superior service.

When questioning the 2017 mandate to require all Carmel residents to use Republic, the response from the city administration, in my opinion, has been far from reasonable. We were told, even though Ray’s picked up on the exact same day as Republic, this created too much neighborhood traffic. Really? What about all of the brown and white delivery trucks that drive through Carmel neighborhoods daily? Is this too much traffic? Or the three yellow buses that come through my own neighborhood every morning and every afternoon five days a week. Is this too much traffic?

Why not let Carmel residents choose their own trash collector? To not let residents have a choice in this matter, in my opinion, is unfair. We don’t need another roundabout. We don’t need the widening of the Monon Trail. What we do need is freedom of choice in trash pickup. As taxpayers of the mayor’s and city council’s salary, Carmel residents really do deserve the right to choose.

Gail Deitz, Carmel



  1. NorthIndySteve on

    It’s all about the money….when are you people going to vote out corrupt big spending Brainard just like the Clintons. He has been skirting the law and making back door deals just like them for years. All it does is make Carmel voters look stupid

  2. frankly, I think this is something a judge should be involved in. Maybe 2 judges. One, stopping the action with an injunction, and another (outside of Hamilton county) looking at this. This is totally taking away our choice of who we want to do business with. I’m surprised Ray’s themselves haven’t sued. To me, it looks like a Pepsi/Coke thing. Some businesses do business solely with pepsi, cause pepsi pays the business to take their product and machines. (fact) I personally want a local business taking care of our needs. One that has MUCH better service, picks up after Holidays, picks up bags outside the containers, etc etc. Think some of us might look into this.

  3. michelleyagerfrench on

    I had cancel Republic year ago because of their horrible service! WE went back to Ray;s who is hands down the best in area! N one want a big conglomerate like Republic. Braindead is just like the Clinton’s! This has got to end! Except I hear this is his last term and he is running for a higher position. I forgot exactly what but for love of God just retire and leave Carmel will you! I mean how many more roundabout and insane about buildings can we sustain!

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