Letter: Low bid is not always the last word



I am responding to the Views article, “A superior trash service,” in the Oct. 4 Current in Carmel.

This is the second Views (story) in very recent times commenting on the lack of care by Republic as opposed to Rays. I attended a council meeting last year regarding the option to opt out of the City of Carmel choice of Republic as the community trash vendor. At that meeting, several homeowners spoke on their desire to remain with Rays, due to their superior service and Republic’s disregard to the desires of the homeowners and cleanliness of the area.

The comments apparently fell on deaf ears, and the vote by the council remained unchanged. The council just relies on the Republic low bid. As we all know, the low bid is not always the last word.

The City of Carmel has strayed from awards based on just low bids in the past. Performance and views of the homeowners should be valid exceptions.

We now know why the bid was low.

Al Koeske



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