Letter: Proposed pay increase ‘is insane’



I am writing you regarding your article on Carmel’s Mayor Jim thinking he is entitled or deserves a 40 percent pay increase.

What I found most interesting was Mayor Jim simply deflected by citing the mayor’s pay in out-of-state cities and he considered running for an elected office on a federal level. I’m convinced no one really cares. His rhetoric about Mayor Hogsett’s pay was simply irrelevant to his situation and actually childish albeit, maybe Carmel should exchange Hogsett for Brainard and save some money.

Suggest Mayor Jim rethink his request and consider giving a 40 percent increase to the police and fire fighters….maybe the city workers who clean our streets and pick-up our trash should receive hefty pay increases versus him.

A 40 percent pay increase is insane. If Mayor Jim wishes to leave his post for a more lucrative gig, I’m sure Carmel will survive nicely.

Russ Lilly, Carmel