Letter: A superior trash service



We have used Ray’s trash for a lot of years and think they are far superior to Republic. Here is one reason why. This morning we had a big trash can and six large black bags of limbs and leaves for Ray to pick up, really a lot of stuff. Another family lives up the street from us. They use Republic, as do the other five houses around them. Republic had already picked up and they had been missed. How that is possible, I don’t know, but they asked if they could put their two Republic cans with our trash and I said yes.

This afternoon when I came home from work, our trash was all gone and their two Republic cans were sitting there empty. We really think, as a lot of other people do, that Ray’s is far superior to Republic.

Jim Plummer, Carmel


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  1. michelleyagerfrench on

    Hands down Ray’s much better and I tried Republic and went right back Ray’s! We got skipped many times! Republic is a joke!

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