Here Comes the Bus app gains momentum


By Mark Ambrogi

Any parent knows waiting for a bus sometimes can be frustrating. Sometimes it might arrive early, other times it may be late. Synovia Solutions has the answer with Here Comes the Bus, a school bus tracking app for parents.

The app was launched prior to the 2015-16 school year. Elizabeth James, director of product strategy for north Indianapolis-based Synovia Solutions, said it began with 15 school districts.



Now more than 100 school districts, including 22 in Indiana, have purchased the software. The app is free for parents in those districts.

“The numbers are starting to climb pretty exponentially,” said Brad Bishop, co-founder and national accounts manager for Synovia Solutions.

Schools in the Indianapolis area using the app include Avon Community School Corporation, Center Grove Community Schools, Decatur Township, Pike Township, Washington Township, Wayne Township and Plainfield Community Schools.

Bishop, a Carmel resident and 1997 Hamilton Southeastern High School graduate, said the app uses GPS technology to locate and track the child’s school bus.

“While we originally thought this is great for parents, which is it, we’re seeing just as many if not more students using it to see when the bus is coming,” Bishop said. “Kids seem to have more technology in their pocket than I do.”

Bishop said parents can only track the bus that their child rides.

James said it’s a tool that brings valuable information to parents and students.

“It’s a solution that meets the needs of a variety of different school districts,” James said. “It brings peace of mind to parents, students and even school administrators as a tool that provides valuable information.”

Bishop said it improves the service level and from a safety perspective it gives the front office real-time visibility.

“Whether it’s weather delayed, an accident or a child on the bus is having a medical issue, there are a million reasons you might want to know where the bus is and when it’s going to get back,” Bishop said.

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